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About us

Welcome to the world of fine dining. We give you a step by step guidance for a beautiful dining experience.
We shower you with deals, discounts at restaurants/eateries & special offers at your local favourites (salons/spas/eateries). Install our app and you will enter a world of DISCOUNTS!



Too many restaurants around & not a clue on how to pick one? With our discovery feature, we help you locate the best restaurant near you. And we not only help you find the best place to dine, but we are with you at every step of your dining experience.


We are not just taste bud friendly, but even wallet friendly. By using our app, you can get a discount every single time you dine at the restaurant you choose from our app. Every single time! Your discount will be generated based on the amount of the bill. The more you eat, the more discount you get. Fair enough right :)


Like we said we are with you at every step. We love to pamper you & this is where our coins will help you. With every discount on a meal, you even get free coins from us. These coins can be redeemed at the best spas, salons & food outlets around you listed in our app. The best thing about these coins is that they never expire.
Upload your bill on the app & get your coins.

Refer a friend

Don't be selfish. By referring a friend you can earn coins every time a friend dines at a restaurant using our app. It’s not just the first referral. You can just lay on your couch & get coins every time your friend is out there treating his/her taste buds. So we help you be selfish by not being selfish.

Day to Day recommendations

We help you earn more coins than usual by providing day to day recommendations about the restaurants of our choice. By choosing a restaurant of our choice, when you upload your bill after availing the discount, you can earn coins twice or thrice more.


Coupon wallet - Coupon wallet takes care of all the active and expired coupons the customer generated before walking in to the restaurants.
Deals wallet - It keeps track of all the deals availed in local markets and coins used to avail that deal.


We provide you with the list of all the restaurants you have visited, the discounts availed, the coins earned, the coins redeemed.


This is where we get selfish by earning your feedback. It’s just your kind words that make this experience even more wonderful. Please provide a feedback in order to be able to use our app for your next dining experience.

How it works

Generate coupon

Walk in to any of our partnered outlets by generating a coupon in our application

Show up the coupon code

On every billing, show up the coupon code to get amazing discounts at your favorite places.

Upload bill

On every bill payment, upload the bill using our application to earn coins “every time” you visit some restaurant. And multiply the coins you earn by visiting our recommended restaurants every day.

Burn coins

Experience the best deals in the best spas, salons, eateries & food joints around you just by burning the coins in our application.


You are just a click away to experience the finest places, deals and rewards.


"I am so glad that there is an app like this. With the rise in number of Restaurants it was so difficult to choose one single place. And with the increase in prices we always chose the beginning of the month when salaries are credited to plan lunches/dinners with friends/colleagues. Thanks to Discount Buzz, we can party any time of the month."

"Love the ease of use on this app. It is very user friendly. We just have to generate a coupon and walk in to one of the restaurants, eat our hearts content, and thats it BINGO! We have our discounted bill. It is very easy to keep track of the number of coins that I can redeem later in the local markets."

"The concept of earning free coins in addition to the discount on every bill is a very new concept. I don't have to install any other app to get a discount at a spa/saloon. This is a one stop app for all my needs. Discount on Food & beauty is the best thing a girl can ask for & Discount Buzz gives me both in one go!"

"I referred my husband to Discount Buzz. He is a foodie & I am not. So whenever he makes a bill at a restaurant, I get to enjoy the benefits. Not only does he get a discount & free coins, even I get coins every single time he uses the app just because I referred him. He enjoys his food & I enjoy my spa massages."

"We are a group of friends living away from home, low on cash & too lazy to cook. This is when we installed Discount Buzz. We go for lunch, get a discount & earn coins. In the evening we again go for snacks & use the free coins to get a discounts at eateries listed on the app. What more can a bachelor ask for."

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